From: “Clemens, Renae” <>
Date: July 23, 2019 at 16:14:33 EDT
To: “Galarza, Jose” <>
Cc: “Clemens, Renae” <>
Subject: GEO payment communication that went out.

There were some hours missed being paid on the GEO. Please see below.

Thursday, July 18th, 2018
Good Afternoon,

As you may be aware, Geo Premiums increased earlier this month. Two checks have since been processed to capture the new increased Geo Premiums. Earlier this week, an error was discovered in the calculation of the OT payment rate for some employees. Therefore, the lump sum check issued on 07/19/2019 may not fully capture your specific Geo Premium.

Our internal teams are working to ensure proper over-time (OT) payments are calculated. The corrected amount, which will include Bereavement time in addition to the corrected OT pay rate, will be added to your next regularly issued check on 08/02/2019. We apologize for the confusion and thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Should you have any additional questions prior to receiving your next payment, or if additional concerns arise once your next regularly scheduled check is received, please reach out to and we will promptly address.

Thank you,

The Envoy Attendance Team


Renae Clemens
Labor Relations Counsel-Ground
Phone: +1 (972) 374-5224 | Email:



New Bylaws of Local 574

2019 By-Laws of Local 574 Amended 3-27-19

This is the new approved Bylaws that the International approved on June 6 2019

I have updated By-Laws of Local 574. The changes are removing language Article VI 5. Removal of:  and have attended 2 meetings, from the last sentence in that paragraph.

And also Article X added item 3.  submitted and approved special By-Laws meeting and date.

Veterans County Honor Rewards Program I just found out that Marquette County has a Rewards program for local merchants discounts. Follow the link . File out form and bring to register of deeds office or file form on line and then receive rewards card to obtain discounts. If you have any questions call register of deeds at 225-8415. Also  you can ask Brian Nurkala or John Heslop about program.

Safety Committee

We are looking for individuals that would like to be on the Company/Union Safety Committee. There will be a  sign up on the list posted on the Union Boards. Please get involved. The more people involved the better. Safety is important to all of us.