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Dave sent email to Renae Clemens to ask about PDO scenarios. This is the response  from her. She is part of Envoy Legal and Labor Relations. So PLEASE if anyone has been coded UA and received points under these circumstances PLEASE let a Board Member know.


I have a question…..   Mike Roe informed me today that when an individual uses PDO and does not have enough PDO to cover the whole day, that the rest of the hours are coded as TL (time card leave).   Is this correct ?


Also in reference to CPDO…..  When an individual is taking their pre-bid vacation of one week  (40 hours) if they only have 20 hours then the remaining 20 hours (of the 40 hrs.) are TL (time card leave) as well.  Is this correct  ?    I can not find this anywhere.

Yes, that is correct, the TL code prevents any type of attendance point.

There is not any reference to the TL in the CBA.

The Company was coding the remaining hours as UA which was generating attendance points. I had agreed a while back with the support of Legal we should not be charging attendance


Let me clarify…. My email below is only for the PDO hours.

For example if they someone has 6 hours left in their PDO bank and they call in within the 2 hours to start of their shift they will get hours coded as PDO and 4 hours as TL.

This does not mean that those who have 10 hours left in their CPDO bank can still get an entire week off coded as TL. If you have only have 10 hours left in your CPDO bank then you can only get 1 day off (since your members are 10 hour shifts)