Veterans County Honor Rewards Program I just found out that Marquette County has a Rewards program for local merchants discounts. Follow the link . File out form and bring to register of deeds office or file form on line and then receive rewards card to obtain discounts. If you have any questions call register of deeds at 225-8415. Also  you can ask Brian Nurkala or John Heslop about program.

Travel Emergency 2-24-19

Steve is going to call a transportation emergency for the remainder of day shift and all of afternoon shift on 2-24-19. And also Day shift for 2-25-19.  Please call on duty supervisor and let him know that you won’t be in. TEU code will be used. You can pdo, CS or take shift of without pay. 1:14 2-24-19 Bw Steve has sent a company email to all of us. Please check your email. 1:20 2-24-19 Bw

Safety Committee

We are looking for individuals that would like to be on the Company/Union Safety Committee. There will be a  sign up on the list posted on the Union Boards. Please get involved. The more people involved the better. Safety is important to all of us.

Michael J Quill Scholarship

The 2019 Michael J. Quill Scholarship application is here. The deadline to apply is April 26.

The Michael J. Quill scholarship offers 15 college-bound dependents of TWU members with a scholarship worth $4,800. This scholarship is paid out per year in the amount of $1,200 to winners who continue to be eligible over their four-year course of study.

The union has been honoring our founder with these scholarships since 1969. Quill Scholarship awards have benefited hundreds of TWU families. Children of our members in transit, railroad and air transportation, utilities, public employment, space installations, and allied industries are among those who began their college educations with the help of the TWU’s signature scholarship. Click here to read about the 2018 Scholarship Winners.

This year, we are honored to have four additional scholarship sponsors, which will add another 21 scholarships: Union Benefit Planners, M3 Technology, Pitta LLP and Pitta, and Bishop & Del Giorno LLC. All of the above sponsored scholarships will be paid out in the first year, as a single scholarship.

The 2019 application can be found here.

Click here for the official rules and additional information, including eligibility requirements.