Time Card Leave

Management is offering Time Card Leave on April 1,2020. Please contact your manger if your are interested in time card leave. Call Mike Roe at 346-8105, Sam at 346-8122, Craig at 346-8138, Mike Shier at 346-8101 and Joe Houseman at 346-8103. This is to keep the number of people down on overlap day.  This is not an April Fools Joke. Thanks Barb




I have been informed by my members that when they sold back their CPDO (unused CPDO for 2019)  they did not get the GEO premium.  As you know GEO premium is paid when the employee uses the CPDO.  I don’t understand why it was not paid when they sold it back..?


Awaiting your reply, Dave

I am aware and I am having to manually calculate this. Payroll does not PDO payouts programmed to pay the GEO. Renae



Legal has agreed that Holiday not worked ( meaning the Holiday falls on your work day, and here at MQT you are not required to report )  does in fact count towards your 40 hours.  Therefore,  all members that worked an extra day the week of the Holiday will receive OT for that day worked.      Legal is going thru Attendance to see who this effected and will pay out as soon as possible.